Admission Period

January March June September


In order to be assured of consideration for admission, the student should submit the following:

  • Testimonial from previous school
  • Photocopy of passport/national ID
  • Two (2) passport size photograph

A student may be admitted conditionally if one or more items from the above mentioned are missing. However, a student may not remain in a conditional status for more than month.

Take note of the following: (This applies to Non Ecowas Nationals)

  • Tuition fee and registration must be paid upfront before admission letter is given
  • If you wish to come to Ghana with your child, kindly notify us early and send across your passport number to us. We will prepare an invitation letter for you.
  • If you also need an accommodation, do let us know ahead of time in order to find a suitable housing facility for you before you arrive

Upon receipt of the completed application with required documents and the application fee, the Admissions Committee will consider the application for admission and will notify the student of its decision.


Infoworld Professional Institute has affordable hostel facility which is close to the school. Students who desire to live in the hostel should contact us on (+233)- (0302248122) or call Samuel on (+233)(0249209580)

 INSCRIPTION + Autres frais = 50.000 F.CFA = $ 85

Description: 5 livres (Vocabulaire, Grammaire, Lecture, Prononciation, Exercice De Grammaire), 7 cahiers, 1 T-Shirt, 1 carte d’identité scolaire, 3 Stylos, les frais de diplôme de fin de formation (Relevé de note + Attestation+ certificat),

Cours réguliers (3 heures par jour)
 F. CFA  Dollars $
 1 Mois  45.000  70
 2 Mois  90.000  140
 3 Mois  130.000  220
6 months  240.000  400
 9 months  345.000  575
Cours spéciaux intensifs – (5 heures par jour)    Particuliers et entreprises
 F. CFA  Dollars $
 1 Semaine  65.000  110
 2 Semaine  125.000  218.75
 3 Semaine  190.000  323.75
 4 Semaine  250.000  437.50
 2 Mois  350.000  612.50
3 Mois  400.000  700.00

NB: – Les frais d’inscription et autres frais sont dus pour tous les programmes

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